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About Al Muwaz​

What you need to know about us

Welcome to Al Muwaz Translation Services, your premier destination for top-quality translation solutions tailored to your diverse linguistic needs. With a steadfast commitment to accuracy, reliability, and excellence, we’ve solidified our position as a trusted industry leader since our inception in 2015.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes translation services in over 150 languages worldwide, making us a professional translation company delivering accurate solutions to clients globally. We specialize in certified translation services for official documents, ensuring precision and reliability in every translation project.


Whether you require legal translation services for various legal documents, medical document translation for healthcare professionals, or technical translation services for specialized industries, Al Muwaz has you covered. Our expertise extends to business translation services for corporate clients and website translation services for online businesses.

Based in Dubai, we provide tailored solutions for local businesses, addressing their unique language requirements effectively. Supported by a team of highly skilled linguists and subject matter experts, we deliver precise and culturally sensitive translations to facilitate seamless communication on a global scale.

Partner with Al Muwaz Translation Services today and unlock limitless possibilities in the world of multilingual communication. Contact us now to explore how we can elevate your global presence and drive your success forward.


 Aim of solving the translation and localisation needs of companies of all sizes, in UAE. Leading companies have placed their trust in our linguistic expertise for over 7 years. We take pride in striving to be the best translation company in Dubai.


Our vision defines our medium and long-term objectives and goals as a translation company. Our focus is mainly on customers, language solutions, quality, technology, productivity and efficiency.

Our Core Values

We have already captured a significant market share thanks to the quality, speed and efficiency of our work. Our reputation precedes us, and many come to us by searching for the best ‘translation service near me’ and finding us at the top of the listings. Our rates are very competitive, and the cost-effectiveness of our services across multiple sectors and also time zones, is spoken of by many satisfied customers. We have a name to maintain, and love being at the top of our competition.

Why Choose Us for English Translation in Dubai?

Fast & Reliable

Quality Assurance

We Offer Certified Translation Services in Dubai

We are certified legal translators and excel in Arabic to English translations + 150 Languages Certified translation Services in AL BURJMAN|DUBAI|UAE & Worldwide.

We provide quick and economic solutions for all types and kinds of certified legal translation services in Burjman & Dubai. We are certified, authorized and have an excellent team of young and experienced experts in various fields of law, as well as professional legal translators who can do a quick, accurate and effective translation of legal documents into the language of your preference. We must add here – we translate legal documents to over 150 languages globally. Also, because of our wide reach, and specialized team of linguistic experts, we are also authorized to undertake very niche-specialized legal translation projects such as translation of budgetary documents as well as projects requiring an understanding of complicated legal concepts.

Our reputation is right at the top:

Over the years, Al Muwaz has attained the reputation of being a focal point for business in and beyond Dubai. Given our status as a legitimate, certified legal translation service provider in Dubai, we go the extra mile in helping our clients get exactly what they are looking for. We have the manpower and the technical wherewithal to add value to even an ordinary documentation job.

Best Translation:

Apart from the document translator, we also assign dedicated interpreters to our clients to gain an in-depth knowledge about the type of business, area where the business is based as well as the cultural implications of the same. This is of immense help to our translators when they are deciphering culturally nuanced areas of law.

Experts & Professionals:

We have a large community of professional and certified legal translators worldwide – they provide us with the highest quality work in the fastest time possible. Our certified translation linguists are also experts in their subject matter and have a thorough understanding of nation-specific legal terminologies. This bunch of dedicated, certified legal translators ensure that the clients have the best experience in getting their work done, well within budget and on time.