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One of the Best Legal Translation Services Provider in UAE with more than 7 years in the region.

In this era of globalization, the urge for legal translation is increasing tremendously. And in accordance with it, we have been mastered with certified legal translation. Al Muwaz Translation service, a registered translation company in Dubai offers excellent and authentic translation service rich in accuracy, quality and privacy. We are not only dedicated, furthermore proficient translators trained to cope up with the translations of judicial systems, court judgments and all those foreign courts promising quality and efficiency.

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Developing strategies and plans, which are comfortable for our clients.

We provide quick and economic solutions for all types and kinds of certified legal translation services in Dubai. We are certified, authorized and have an excellent team of young and experienced experts in various fields of law, as well as professional legal translators who can do a quick, accurate and effective translation of legal documents into the language of your preference.


Al Muwaz translation service, a registered translation company in Dubai offers excellent and authentic translation service rich in accuracy, quality and privacy.

Arabic & English Legal Translation

We are the best Arabic to English legal translation provider in UAE . We are providing translation services over 100+ languages. Our team provides fastest, accurate, quality assured translation to generate a simple and efficient output. 

Dubai Court Judgements Translation

Judicial administration is a vital process for a country’s perpetual growth and development. The codes of conduct, judicial verdicts are vital for smooth running and progress of every institution, companies whose operations extend beyond boundaries.

Financial & Customs Translation

The organizational vigour of a business firm, companies or parties is drawn from the fitness, aptness and state of their financial documents.The financial customs translation documents of a company give an exact portrait regarding their state of business, administration policies and management affairs.

150+ Foreign Languages

Our dedicated team of language translators gives you the best output that puts a hike in your business, organizations and so on. Arabic, English,Hindi, Sanskrit, Malayalam, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, and all Indian languages, Pashto, Urdu,Chinese (Mandarin), Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese , Burmese, Nepali, 

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Al Muwaz is one of the top certified translation services company in Dubai and globally as well. We are one of the most reliable agencies in this part of the world offering first-class Certified Legal Translation Services in Dubai & Worldwide.


Certified Legal Translation in Dubai

We have the expertise to deliver the best

We have a team of certified translation experts, who are linguistically proficient and are well-versed with texts in the field of law. We understand that law is a culture-dependent subject and must be handled with clear communication and transparency.

We believe in customer satisfaction

We believe in providing timely and exact certified legal translation in Dubai for our customers, stand by promised deadlines and always keep the clients’ welfare at heart. This is the reason why we one of the most preferred legal translation services company in Dubai. Quality services assured on a scheduled time period.

We know the laws

Our forte is our top-notch Legal Translation Services in Dubai, and our deep understanding of the legal content at hand. We have different packages for different segments of customers, and our clients can avail of open, as well as private services and contact us any point of time with our experts

Legal Translation

We are the certified legal translation services in Dubai. We are so popular that we appear at the top each time you search for ‘legal translation near me’. We are accredited and authorized by all government and judicial departments as the certified legal translation services in Dubai – we can stamp a seal when needed on the translated documents. Now, before we proceed further – you might be wondering why a need for a certified legal translation in Dubai for your documents is there. Why can’t you submit it in the language of your origin country, or as is the case most of the time, in English, right? Well, if it was so easy, so many hundreds of people won’t be searching for ‘legal translation near me’ every day. 


Subtitling Services

The subtitling is a component of the audiovisual translation that involves the process of dubbing, voice-over along with the audio description too. It is relevant in the field of cinema and also the television industry where the films from one nation require the subtitles for making it intelligible in another nation. Our company offers the most superior subtitling solutions with our wide network of the talented translators that impart the subtitles in more than 60 languages.


Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading and editing are extremely crucial in the competitive economic world of today. Each and every day many of the individuals contact our organization for the top quality proofreading and editing work in order to make sure that all their ideas and messages have been conveyed in a proper manner. Our company provides highly professional proofreading and editing of the documents. Our team of specialists have a diverse background in the field of marketing, journalism and imparts a highly practical of the guidance or designing of the targeted message.